The education at the Trotters Stop is based on the British curriculum. We offer a well-rounded and stimulating environment that can help our children to reach their highest potential. With a wholesome approach, we ensure our students have access to rigorous academic standards.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS 2 - 5)

Building the foundation of students of EYFS with set standards of learning, development & care for the children.

Our nursery curriculum & weekly planning is based on areas of learning & development. Children’s education is broken down into 3 prime and 4 specific areas. As well as the EYFS curriculum, we also use the TEACCH approach which focuses on the individual child, their skills, interests, and needs and uses teaching flexibility and visual structures to organize the environment and tasks when teaching skills. Parents receive their Child’s weekly planning every Friday. 

Our highly trained Early Years team uses the English National Oxford Curriculum as the basis for planning and assessment. Teaching assistants provide support in every classroom, and specialist teachers deliver music and physical education programs, as well as a formal approach to French learning.

Reception 1

Reception 2

Primary Section

We provide a range of specialist facilities for children to learn the latest technologies and develop key communication and collaborative skills. Our daily lessons are aligned with the English National Oxford International Primary and International Primary books for all subject’s curricula. It is enriched by exposing students to fun-filled trips where they apply concepts in real-life scenarios. Learning through structured play, student-led conferences, and exploring the scientific world through critical thinking and problem-solving form an integral part.

Lower Secondary Section

Lower secondary education is likely to show that the children enter after some 6 years of primary education. The work done in Years 7, 8 and 9 is subject-based and follows the UK National Curriculum guidelines in all areas. The focus of the National Curriculum, together with the wider school curriculum, is to ensure that pupils develop, from an early age, the essential skills they need to learn, to provide them with a full and rounded education, to foster their creativity, and to give teachers discretion in finding the best ways to inspire in their pupils a joy and commitment to learning.

Art & Craft

We offer advanced studio courses for pre and primary, which includes visits to museums and a student-designed projects and exhibition.

Trotters Stop encourages and promotes art in a vibrant and inclusive manner. Our students are creative and talented in music, dance, arts & craft.

Our unique curriculum allows students to expand learning beyond the school day, providing an engaging learning experience.

Programme of Study for PSHE Education

It focuses on five social and emotional aspects of learning: self-awareness, managing feelings, motivation, empathy and social skills.

Personal, social, health, and economic (PSHE) education is an integral and necessary part of our school. 

Here, you learn how to grow