The first of its kind Pre and Primary school in Seychelles, Trotters Stop offers a unique curriculum; one with an ideal blend of teaching methods and external stimuli. Our experienced staff teach within a range of sections from Nursery, Reception 1 & 2 and Years 1 to 6. 

Our Programs

Our curriculum employs a wholesome approach to educating the millennial child. We will continue to cater to children of 2 to 5 years of age and classes ranging from Nursery to Reception 2 will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework teaching approach from the UK to ensure our students have access to the highest standards of education.


Building the foundation of students aged 2 – 5 with classes ranging from developing emotional, psychomotor and knowledgeable areas of the growing minds. We also offer a kiddy pool to improve motor skills underwater.

Reception 1 & 2

Building the foundation of students aged 4 – 7 with classes ranging from developing emotional, psychomotor and knowledgeable areas of the growing minds. We also offer a range of activities from sports clubs to dance and outdoor field trips to further enhance the learning experience.

Primary Section

For students between ages 5 – 12 years, we follow the English National Oxford International Primary and International Primary books for all subjects as part of our British curriculum to ensure quality education is delivered. 

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extracurricular activities

Children grow up so quickly and their bodies need to be able to take the rapid growth in their early years. These gym classes enable them to channel all that raw energy and reach their developmental milestones while making wonderful memories together. At this age, they’re ready to make a huge leap and to participate in classes without Mum and Dad. Having discovered the joys of independence, they’re eager to do “what the big children do.” But they still learn best in a structured environment where gymnastics, other physical activities, and all aspects of learning are combined with a healthy dose of fun. Our Classes focus on:


The strength, flexibility, coordination, and teamwork through several sports activities


The awareness of spatial and perceptual concepts while adapting new skills.​


In being away from parents and having confidence to initiate new things with pride.


“I create various activities to help develop teamwork and harmony amongst the students. At the end of the day, seeing them happy and improving physically and mentally makes my time with them worthwhile.”


Currently, we have a kiddie pool available for the nursery students while the older students utilize the external swimming club for their water activities. All aquatic activities have an experienced teacher to guide and monitor the children.

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Tippy Toes Dance program is specially created for beginners. As they proceed to bigger classes, the combinations become more advanced to improve their reflexes, reaction to music and memory.​​

Rhythmic learning is one of the crucial foundations in building memory in a child and our music club currently hosts. Guitar Lessons to spark creativity in our students and entertain those who are interested in pursuing music.

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